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Me & My Approach 


Professional Background and Experiences

I received my B.A. in psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. After completing my Ph.D,  I began work as a research scientist and staff therapist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in the division of substance abuse. Later, I served as the director of the day treatment program at the Renfrew Center of New York, a treatment center specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. After leaving the Renfrew Center, I established a full-time private practice in New York City. Currently, I maintain offices in both New York City and New Jersey.

I have extensive training and experience in Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectic Behavior, and Interpersonal psychotherapy.
Post Graduate Training:

  • Maternal Mental Health Certificate Program (Postpartum -Support International, 2021)

  •  Fertility Counseling Post Graduate Course (Sharon Covington and Linda Applegarth, 2021-2022)

  • Eating Disorders, Compulsions and Addictions program (EDCAS- William Alanson White Institute- steering committee and faculty member of EDCAS 2011-2022)

  • Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis Advanced Specialization in Couple and Family Therapy (The New York University)

My Therapy Approach 

Collaborating with Patients 

All of my work is individualized and tailored to your unique needs and goals. Therapy is a collaborative process, which means, I will work with you throughout treatment, adjusting the focus of therapy as needed.  I see myself as a guide, facilitator, educator, and support person.  

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

I practice integrative psychotherapy which draws from several therapeutic theories and techniques to create a comprehensive and well rounded  treatment approach. 
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Dialectic Behavior (DBT) therapies target symptom and distress relief and work to improve your current, day to day to functioning. I pull skills from both CBT and DBT to help with you  enhance emotional and behavioral awareness, identify and alter self defeating beliefs, and develop new and more effective coping skills. At the same time, interpersonal psychotherapy is more insight oriented and will help you explore patterns in your history and relationships and identify the origins of the your behaviors.

In this way, integrative therapy takes both an action oriented, problem focused stance, while also allowing space for reflective thought and insight. 


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