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First Sessions, Fees,
& Insurance 

First Sessions 

Seeking help can be a confusing and potentially anxiety filled process. Often it is hard to know what to expect and how to get the help that is needed. I will work collaboratively with you to guide you through the process of getting started.

The first session is considered a consultation session. It is a time for us to get to know each other and to determine if we are a 'good fit' for ongoing therapy. This session is largely informational and serves as a time for me to get to know you and understand why you are interested in therapy and for you to get to know me as well. First sessions also allow you to ask as many questions as necessary for you to feel comfortable beginning treatment.


Fees & Insurance 


I accept Aenta health insurance, which means that if you covered by Aetna, I am an in network provider. Please be sure to verify your benefits. You will be responsible for meeting any deductibles and co-payments that are associated with your plan. 


Out of Network Fees

I am out of network with all other insurance plans. Typically, my services are reimbursable through your out of network benefits. You should check with your insurance company to confirm that you have out of network benefits (most PPO plans allow for this) and also inquire about deductibles and reimbursement rates. I will provide you with all of the documentation necessary for reimbursement.

Sliding scales are offered and based on financial need and/ or for those who are do not have out of network insurance benefits. 

Please contact me should you have additional questions about insurance or fees.

Fees for First Sessions 

If you are an Aetna patient, we are able to use your insurance benefits to cover the costs of the initial session (keeping in mind co-payments and deductibles). For out of network patients, there is no charge for the first session so that you can meet me before having to make a financial commitment. 

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